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Silver Foil Packaging

Looking to add some flair to your packaging printing project? Silver foil printing is getting more popular print features on packaging for today market. Silver foil packaging printing can be the all-important difference between an ordinary marketing material and a piece that’s both shiny and irresistible. If you’re looking for a unique way to add some higher grade to your printed packaging project to make it look and feel more premium, then silver foil printing is the way to go. Here’s what silver foil printing is and what it’s good for.

The special thing about foil printing is that they come in a wide selection of colors and finishing. The most popular colors are gold & silver foils, they also come in many other colors and effects, such as hologram which all help to replicate the look of valuable metal materials.

Specific Types of Foil

Printing Services Malaysia pride ourselves on offering you the very best options for metallic foil packaging printing services. With an ever-growing swatch of colors, we continue to grow, research and fine-tune new foils, so we’re always at the forefront of metallic print.

A variety of different types of foil can be used in the foil press printing process. Printing Services Malaysia offers an extensive color selection of foils, including metallic foils, holographic foils, custom foil colors, gloss or matte pigment foils, special effects foils—and even refractive patterns that can be added to the stamp to produce an eye-catching three-dimensional image range of options.

  • Metallic Foils – These foils have a metal-like shimmer. Typically used in gold or silver, but also available in rose gold, copper, bronze, green, blue, red, yellow, purple, pink and many more.
  • Holographic Foils – These foils add a multi-color metallic, high-dimension look that creates a dramatic effect.
  • Pearl Effect Foils – Creates a pearl sheen, resulting in a nearly transparent color that imparts a tactile sheen. This more subtle foil effect works well with design elements on stationery, invitations, business cards and more.
  • Pigment Foils – A range of non-metallic, matte or gloss pigment foils are available to add enhanced visual appeal to text and graphic elements.
  • Custom Foil Colors – Printing Services Malaysia offers the ability to create any color foil. For example, we can generate a custom foil using a specific branded color for your logo.
  • Special Effects Foils – We can print effects like animal print, geometric textures, stone grain, wood grain and more to add a touch of depth and character to your piece.

If you’re interested in seeing more and potentially how we can help your business. Or have a specific need and it’s not listed here then get in touch with us as we may be able to get hold of what you need.